GRAPHIC NOVEL / 352 pages
Translation rights represented: WORLD RIGHTS
Published in: Italian (add editore, 2022)

Mor is a family fresco that extends through a line of women, between Sweden and Italy. The author tells how untreated trauma can be transmitted from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. Psychological and sometimes physical violence spreads, generating depression, addiction, perfectionism, obsessions, secrets… even after generations.

Sara Garagnani traces this heritage by telling the story of her family, from her grandmother Inger to her mother Annette through herself, in a cycle of emancipation and relapse. Her voice is clear but also tender. In Swedish “mor” means mother, “mormor” mother of mother: a word that suggests recursion.

A story that is both analytical and intimate, thoughtful and passionate, bitter and sweet. A story that allows us to look at family wounds under a different light.

MOR won the Best Debut Work award at Comicon Napoli 2023.