Ghirigori is an agency for illustrators, cartoonists, and picture book authors.

I represent illustrators for commissions in a wide variety of industries, in all forms of print and digital media.

For cartoonists and picture book authors, I work closely with my clients to support them throughout the editorial process, including initial project development, pitching projects to publishers, negotiating contracts, reviewing royalty statements and selling foreign rights. 

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Arianna Malacrida

I first began working in the publishing industry in 2008 after completing a degree in communications. I worked in publicity for six years in Italy for the Milan-based publishing group Mondadori. After that, I spent three years working as a foreign rights agent with an international literary agency in Paris. Eager to focus more fully on supporting the work of illustrators and authors, in 2018, I co-founded Amaca Agency, before launching Ghirigori in 2021.