Lucia Calfapietra was born in Ravenna and lives in Paris. Her work is deeply influenced by the style and feel of children’s books from the past. She plays with texture, vivid colors and clean shapes to create captivating scenes of reverie and humor that linger in the imagination. Her work is sought out by top publishers throughout Europe and internationally for children’s books, book covers, and magazines. 

Mondadori, Salani, Rizzoli ragazzi, Giunti, Zanichelli, Newton-Compton, Emons Audiolibri, Vogue bambini , TBWA Italia. (IT) 10/18, Fleuve, Grasset, Hachette, La Table Ronde, Flammarion, Thierry Magnier, Seuil, Télérama, Sens et santé-Le Monde (FR), Hinkler Books (AUSTRALIA), Le vif-l’Express (BEL), Organic Life magazine (USA), Therapy Today (UK).